Greenmatech started collaboration with Sterishred

Greenmatech started collaboration with Sterishred, an Austrian designer and manufacturer of efficient, and reliable Autoclave system for hospital waste treatment.

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STERISHRED® 50/80/250/500, Sterishreds’s most important product lines are the most modern non-incineration, infectious hospital waste low-heat thermal processing units.

For installation in hospitals, dialyse centers, laboratories, blood banks or any other medical facility that produces infectious or regulated medical waste.

The units treats all types of infectious waste („red bag“ waste) and sharps (acc. to the European Waste Catalogue or the equivalent from WHO).

And thin walled metal parts such as one-way scalpels, syringes, glass, dialysis materials and plastic material, gloves, paper and cloth and of course liquids and other infectious materials, with steam only. No chemicals are used.

Greenmatech cooperation with The Wind Factory company

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Greenmatech cooperation with The Wind Factory company in Solar Grid, Wind Grid and off Grid Projects in Iran and Middle east.

The Wind Factory Website 

In the past 20 years The Wind Factory and The Sun Factory have realized numerous autonomous- and grid connected wind- and solar energy systems for private users, farmers, developers, utilities, NGOs and public institutions. a selection of our projects is subdivided into three categories:
Solar grid
On-grid solar projects range from 500 Watt solar panels on private homes to multi-mega watt solar power parks. Besides the installation of solar systems the Sun Factory can support throughout the course of the feasibility study, planning application, grid connection and service & maintenance.
Wind grid
On-grid wind projects range from 2.4 kW to 1 MW wind turbines. Besides the installation of wind turbines The Wind Factory can support throughout the course of the feasibility study, planning application, grid connection, foundation and service & maintenance.
Off grid
Off-grid systems are used for different purposes, to think of the electrification of recreation buildings, offshore projects, mobile phone masts or charging points for scooters.

Electrification of rural villages, water pumps and water treatment are common projects in developing countries.

Greenmatech collaboration with Leading Edge Turbin company

Greenmatech starts collaboration with Leading Edge Turbin company, a British designer and manufacturer of efficient, quiet and reliable wind turbines which provide local renewable power, worldwide.

Wind Turbines and Wind Generators - Leading Edge Turbines

 The Leading Edge Website

Cooperation with Techmart2015

Greenmatech one of the institutions involved in the field of energy, materials and development of new technologies has been determined by the executive committee of the Techmart Secretariat as a Techmart representative to participate for international negotiations in the Exhibition of sixteenth Techmart, research and technology Achievements which will be held 14-17 December 2015 in Tehran.

Waste Management & Recycling Solutions


Developing waste management could reduce health and environmental problems, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avoid negative impacts at local level. Greenmatech offers a variety of convenient solutions for recycling and waste management according to innovative ways based on researches and development process. In doing so, we are contributing to a more sustainable world by: Developing advance technologies to reduce waste Maximizing recycling and reuse efficiency Creating even safer treatment and disposal options.